Yoga for Fertility

Fertility yoga has begun to gain popularity due to the rising rates of infertility. Fertility treatments can be extremely expensive and are not always full proof. This is why fertility yoga has become a free alternative to try and conceive by more natural means before taking the next step with a more medical approach. Yoga is not only natural, but it is scientifically backed. The poses used during fertility yoga are specifically chosen for their health benefits to the body.

There are countless factors that can cause infertility. The most common factor is stress. Stress can come from all aspects of life from work to home life. This causes many couples to have difficulties conceiving. Fertility yoga does not only focus on keeping the body physically healthy, but it also focuses on mental health in order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Being physically and mentally fit is ideal for reproducing.

There are countless styles of yoga and poses that can be performed to aid in fertility. Fertility yoga poses focus on nurturing and strengthening the endocrine and reproductive system. The endocrine system is crucial for proper hormone balance. They help to increase energy flow throughout the body which helps to improve the function of both the endocrine and reproductive system. It’s just as important to focus on the endocrine system while trying to get pregnant as it is to focus on the reproductive system. Hormonal balance is a key piece to fertility.

Slow moving yoga such as Hatha yoga is considered ideal for boosting fertility. The deep breathing and slow movements help to calm the mind and allows for focus and concentration. The various poses help to circulate the blood throughout the body to bring energy and clarity.
Some of the best fertility boosting poses are:

  • Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)
  • Janu Shirasana (One-Legged Forward Bend)
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), which you can watch below:

Forward bends are the best poses to increase fertility because they stretch out the back, increase blood supply to the pelvic region, and reduce stress from the abdomen.

It only makes sense that yoga that focuses on fertility would also focus on increasing sex drive as well. Fertility yoga does not only incorporate poses that aid the reproductive system, but it also includes poses that increase sexual arousal. Taoist and Tantric energy practices focus on bringing energy and oxygen-rich blood into the pelvic bowl. The organs in the pelvic bowl include the colon, bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs.

The increase in circulation to the pelvic region of the body not only heals and strengthens those organs, the rushing blood also encourages sexual arousal.
A few poses that help to increase libido are:

Check out this useful video:

Any pose that focuses on opening up the hips and pelvic region is great for bringing sexual energy into the body.

Struggling to become pregnant can be stressful and heartbreaking. Fertility yoga helps to ease the mind during this stressful time by providing a calm and healthy environment. A happy, healthy body is a fertile body!

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