How to Build a Relaxing Weekend

It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? When we think of a relaxing weekend, we think of time spent away from work and all other commitments, sitting on a beach somewhere, and drinking cocktails. But the reality is always a little different. For most people, when they get to the weekend they are full of vague plans and excited about their free time. Then they get to the end of the two days and find that they’ve spent it watching television or just sitting around wasting time. This is why you need to plan, not the whole weekend, but parts of it, so that your days away from work are truly relaxing and fulfilling.

Plan Ahead

There’s no point waking up on Saturday morning and wondering what to do with the rest of your days off. If you really want to have a good weekend, you need to have a clear idea of what you need to do and what you want to get done in the time you have. This doesn’t mean that you plan every minute of your weekend, but a few plans scattered throughout the two days will help to direct your time and ensure you don’t spend it sitting on the couch.

Enjoy the Anticipation

One of the wonderful things about Christmas and birthdays as a kid is looking forward to the event for weeks to come. Apply this idea to your weekends as well. When you plan early, you can build the anticipation in the days before it, making the momentary experience last even longer.

Do Something Different, But Physical

During the week, most people have a regular exercise program. This should not be a part of your weekend. Weekends are the time to try new things, new adventures, incorporating exercise and fun at the same time. Try a new sport, go hiking somewhere beautiful, or spend an afternoon at the beach. That way you will improve your fitness and have an enjoyable time all at once.

Make a List

This is something you should do before the weekend as well. Make and keep a list of little things you’d like to do or try. This is not the place to write about your dreams of going to Paris, this is for the little things that you never get around to doing. If you have children or a partner, you can ask for suggestions. The main thing is that you build the list and plan to do one of them each weekend.

Plan Something Good for Sunday Night

Sunday night can be the worst. It means the weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work. This is why it’s important to plan something fun for Sunday night. It will get you out and give you something to remember on Monday morning.

Weekends can seem like the highlight of the week when you are anticipating them but end up as a boring stretch of time in which nothing important or interesting is done. By taking advantage of these tips, and coming up with some of your own, you can make your weekend match your expectations.

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