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If done properly and regularly, yoga twist poses can relieve back pain, constipation, and improve digestion. There are plenty of twist yoga asanas to try, but some of them are more effective than others. The following ones made our list because they are fun to do and beneficial for your overall health and state of mind.

The Best Yoga Twist Poses to Consider

1. Noose Pose

This pose is also called the Pasasana. It is a challenging twister that helps you overcome your body limits. It requires a lot of stability and balance. The Noose pose stretches your upper body. Make sure you have enough experience with yoga because this is an advanced pose. Begin from a Tadasana position by keeping your legs stable on the mat. Your soles should be well-grounded and active at the same time. Come into a squat position by slowly bending your knees. To do this pose properly, you must bring your buttocks back towards the heels. Move both knees a little bit to the right. Exhale deeply and twist your upper body to the left. To achieve a greater support and balance, put your torso on the left thigh. Bring both hands to the back. The left hand should hold the right one. Keep your shoulders back and open your chest. Maintain this pose for about four breaths. 

2. Revolved Side Angle Pose

Start this twist pose from the Mountain pose which means you should be in a standing position. Keep your feet at a hip-width distance and rest your arms by your side. Twist your torso to the left and increase the distance between your feet even more. The right foot should form a 90-degree angle. This means that your toes should point to the front part of the mat.
Twist the left sole inward to create a 45-degree angle. Now, it is time to align your body: The front heel should be aligned with your back-foot’s arch; your torso and pelvis must face towards the same direction as your right toes.
Make sure your right shin stays perpendicular to the mat. You can do this by bending your right knee until it reaches over your right ankle. Put your palms together like in a prayer by keeping them as close to your chest as possible.
While exhaling, twist your torso to your right side. Press against your thigh with your left arms for more support. The next step is to extend both arms: pointing your right arm upwards to the ceiling while your left palm is placed on the floor, yoga mat or yoga block. Make sure to keep your spine straight and your entire body tight. Hold this twist pose for about one minute.

3. Half Lord of the Fishes Asana

You should start this pose from a seated position on your yoga mat by keeping both legs extended in front. Place your arms by your sides in a resting position. Now, bend your knees and place your soles on the floor. Drop the left knee on the mat and place your left foot under the opposite foot. It should come alongside the right buttock.
Inhale slowly while raising the left arm over your head. Then, exhale deeply. Close your abs and twist your torso to the right while pressing it against your right thigh. The elbow of your left hand must come on the outside part of your right knee.
Try to extend your right hand backwards by reaching behind your torso and placing your palm on the floor. Twist your upper body around your backbone and turn your face over the right shoulder. Hold this pose for about one minute. 

Final Thoughts

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All the above twist yoga poses will align your back as well as your muscles and bone structure. They are beneficial for your entire body by relieving lower back pain and constipation. If you’re trying these asanas for the first time, it is best to have an experienced yogi for support and guidance. 

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