How to kick-start your day as a Yogi

You have to do a little more than just the usual types of physical yoga routines to be a yogi. Even though the meaning of being a yogi is not something set in stone, there are a few traits that are common, especially in Indian traditions.

First of all, you have to consciously choose certain yoga lifestyle and practices related to it. Second, you have to develop certain qualities so you can become a leading example and an inspiration for others. 

Even so, yogis are humans. There are days when everything is grey, and we need a very powerful reason to get out of bed and start the day. For those mornings (and not only), but the following proven tips will also help you to have an energizing kick-start of the day:

Drink a glass of lemon water

Just before your first sun salutation, your body needs to get good cleansing. During the night, your body fills up with toxins that are easily flushed out from your system if you drink a glass of water with some lemon juice in it. It will also balance the acid-base parameters, and vitamin C from the lemon will instantly fill you with positive energy.   

Choose the right clothes for you

Personally, I love the 90 Degrees by Reflex capris, but I know that everyone is different. You might feel comfortable in some simple workout leggings or some types of yoga pants for women. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel great in them. You don’t want to ruin your workout because you don’t feel comfortable in your workout clothes.

Choose a unique place for your yoga morning routine

We all have our favorite places where we like to work out. Maybe they are inside the house near a sunny window or a specific spot at the gym, in a park or at the beach. Maybe you like to change places all the time. That is perfectly fine too. 

Regardless of the case, make sure to be there every morning at the same hour. It’s much easier to maintain a habit than to form it; so, choose wisely and stick to it.   

Do Pranayama breathing for at least 5 minutes

Pranayama breathing means controlling your breath, the source of your vital life force. Even 5 minutes of consciously controlling your breath is the key to a wonderful day. It will help you be more mindful and aware, and your emotional and cognitive processes will become more coherent.   

Continue with your favorite yoga practice

If you reached this stage in your morning routine, your yoga practice will be the next logical step. You may choose Ashtanga for power or Kundalini to renew your energies for the day, or you can mix them in a unique, powerful, energetic sequence.

Begin your day like a yogi and don’t let groggy mornings ruin your day.

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