Top Yoga Excuse

There seems to be a never-ending parade of excuses people give when they are asked to try out yoga. Some are certainly understandable, such as an injury, but the vast majority are simply wrong. Here are some of the most popular ones:

I’m too heavy and need to lose weight first.

People of ALL shapes and sizes do yoga. Also, even the gentlest and simplest forms of yoga still help to increase metabolism and leads to weight loss.

My feet are ugly.

Believe me, nobody is looking at other people’s feet during a yoga class. But if you are still concerned, there are helpful socks specifically designed to use during a yoga class. They have grips built into the bottom to help avoid sliding. 

I’m not calm or flexible enough for yoga.

This one is so common and just so silly. If you signed up for a cooking class, would you make sure you know how to cook beforehand? Would you only sign up for a French class if you knew how to speak French? No to both! Yoga is all about teaching you to be calm and helping you to become more flexible.

I need to stop smoking. 

Yes, you do, but did you know that yoga and exercise can help you quit? The natural endorphins that your body creates during an exercise can be a perfect and healthy substitution for nicotine. Quitting smoking or drinking or eating poorly so you can take yoga is quite literally the opposite of how you should go about removing those vices from your life. 

It is expensive.

Some studios might be out of your budget, but most will have a class or two around $10 to $15. Also, check into the potential of a community class with more participants but at a lower price. There are also online classes that start out very inexpensive. There is something to be found for every budget. 

Yoga looks too hard.

Without challenges, yoga would be too easy and not worth it. All yoga studios offer an introductory course designed to help those who are just starting out. Certain styles, like slow flow, restorative or gentle, are also great introductions and can help a newcomer gain some basic foundations. 

Everyone will be looking at me.

As you are learning poses, your instructor will often give you a gazing point, whether it is looking at the wall, your nose, or your hand in front of you. This is to make sure your entire body is posing properly, even your neck. Once you start focusing on these poses, the concept of looking at others soon slips away. 

Everyone will be better than me.

This may hold true, but everyone has to start somewhere. Every single other person in that yoga class also came to his/her first-class one day without knowing what he/she was doing, and they worked through it and came back. So can you!

I don’t have the time.

Technically speaking, we don’t have the time for anything new that comes into our life. We have to pick and choose what we make space for, and yoga is certainly worthy. In fact, some studies are showing that it can keep you healthier and younger longer. Making time for it now could free up time for other things later on in life.

Any other excuses? No? Good! We, Will, see you in class!

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