Program Offerings 2015

Jul 2015

Thu 09Jul2015

Chairs Mentoring

From 9 am - 10 am

Program Descriptors:

The Chairs Certification Program: 118 hours

Part I and Part II: 64 hours, 32 hours per Part
Program Repeat: 64 hours
The Didactic: 24 hours
Mentoring: 10 hours
Practice Teaching: 20 hours

Total Certification Path: $1750

Chairs Part I & II: Fee: $700 ($350 per Part)
Chairs Repeat: $600 per Part ($300 per Part)
Chairs Didactic: $300
Mentoring: Fee: $150 10 hours total
Practice Teaching 20 hours.

  • You may “jump” in at any scheduled point as needed in order to complete your certification status.
  • The program includes documented 20 hours practice teaching. Whether you are paid for this or find a volunteer location that would welcome your time,
    this experience will serve as the bases for mentoring.
  • We will discuss challenges that you face regarding process strategies employed to teach and learning that you share.
  • Mentoring also welcomes creative application of the work with regard to targeted environments and populations.
  • A practice teaching opportunity must be established by the beginning of the program.
  • The Didactic involves 12 hours of group meeting and 12 hours of paired meeting sessions with fellow colleagues.
  • This group involves our international community with varied time zones up to 7 hours.
  • The Didactic will cover the program in sequential 10 process increments. The 10 point process classification outline and other support material is emailed to you. Everyone will teach and classify a process. Preparation for presentation will be in pairs and all pairs will rotate giving the opportunity to meet and work closely with all group members.
  • Skype is a free download from the internet. You want the latest version if possible. Please email your Skype name to me and I will send a contact request. A pre-program meet up on Skype will be scheduled to discern any tech problems and visibility of where best to position yourself in your environment for learning.
  • Related FMI certification MOU’s and attendance documents are emailed to participants. All documents are filled out online and email returned to me.
  • Fees can be paid by check or I can email a PayPal request for funds. You can use any credit card with this PayPal request. You do not have to have a PP account.

Checks are mailed to:

Gretchen Langner
87 Pine St.
Portland, Maine 04102

A monthly payment plan is possible.

BFL Segment I: 20 hour program

Bones for Life is Ruthy Alon’s foundational Movement Intelligence program. The program addresses stimulating bone strength through natural movement and weight-bearing posture.

In creating a safe and comfortable learning laboratory, explore many relational qualities of dynamic movement. Enhance your vitality while simultaneously self-directing the learning of how to use yourself more wisely in the every day activity of life.

This experiential learning will serve you in life and also meets certification requirements for teachers.