The Inner Game of Chewing
Healthy, Innocent, Authentic Eating and Moving as Nature Meant

mass = food x velocity over pleasure

If you wish to eat whatever and how much you desire without loosing lightness in weight and movement, then this workshop is informative.

The program provides a strategy to retrieve the original sense by which every living being in nature lives, the sense that knows what supports life, what to eat and when to stop. This inner knowledge might have been lost due to the predictable abundance of food in our civilized environment.

Like any movement habit, the style of individual chewing mechanics becomes a fixated pattern which conceals the addiction of loosing control of eating.
We can learn to approach our loss of control not through the hard way of conflict with discipline, but rather, through the ease of listening to our own awareness.  We can identify the signal of satisfaction, reconcile with it and spontaneously accept it.

The program offers a myriad of descriptive environmental conditions that may be identifiable to participants.  After each set of descriptors presented, the class breaks down into small groups to share personal relevance.  Everyone’s shared relevance expands your awareness.

The program practices non habitual optional ways of eating. This facilitates experiencing how we can detach from the indirect neuro motor aspect of habit and restore trust in our inner compass.

This compass knows how to navigate us to the authentic urge of balanced nourishment.

The program also includes movement that shifts movement coordination and its mirrored body image to its original liveliness. Reclaiming the beauty and intelligence of your body inspires biological optimism.