This program shifts sitting in chairs from being degenerative into a window of opportunity. It is possible to refresh harmonious movement coordination of the whole body and train in the weight-bearing alignment that promotes bone strength and posture while sitting.

Used as a platform to launch learning for those who can’t get down to the floor easily or for those who find themselves sitting at a work station, BFL on Chairs takes the basic BFL protocol and translates it into sitting.

This vertical perspective differs from the predominant horizontal perspective of lying on the floor. It offers conditions to perfect loading dynamic force and pressure within seated configurations and constraints.

Use of the extremities for leverage as longitudinal and angled directional lines that transmit force and pressure clarifies skeletal relationship. Streaming force of pressure can be initiated and moderated from the feet to the head, the hands to feet.

Translation of the basic BFL program to chairs is complete in and by itself yet offers the professional BFL student a more expanded repertoire of skeletal ergonomic use.

I have found from experiencing this program that it has informed a personal creative choreography of free movement expression; something I often find myself doing while listening to music.  Available 24/7 for self revitalizing fun.